You must submit proof of successful completion of a minimum of 40 hours of professional training provided by a security officer school or training facility licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, with some exceptions listed on the FDACS Division of licenses’ website.


Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, requires an applicant for a Class “G” Statewide Firearm License to satisfy minimum training criteria for firearms established by rule of the department, which includes but is not limited to, 28 hours of range and classroom training taught and administered by a Class “K” instructor. Once licensed, each Class “G” licensee must also submit proof annually that he or she has received a minimum of 4 hours of firearms re-qualification training taught by a Class “K” instructor during each year of the license period. Additionally, a Class “G” licensee whose job duties require him or her to carry a firearm of a type and caliber different from or in addition to the firearm upon which he or she is qualified, must take a 4-hour training class specific to that firearm’s type and caliber. This Firearms Training Manual (FTM) establishes the minimum training criteria for each course. Florida statutes.


In order to remain eligible to continue to carry a Class “G” license, during each 12-month period of the two-year term of a Class “G” license, including the first 12-month period after the license was initially issued to the license holder, a Class “G” licensee must successfully complete 4 hours of range and classroom training taught by a Class “K” firearms instructor. Additionally, a Class “G” licensee whose job duties require him or her to carry a firearm of a type and caliber different from or in addition to the firearm upon which he or she is qualified, must take a 4-hour training class specific to that firearm type and caliber. This 4-hour course may be taken to satisfy a Class “G” licensee’s 4-hour annual requalification training or as a transition course to a different type or caliber of handgun. Florida Statutes. 


Security professionals might be the first line of response to so many different scenarios or criminal activities while guarding an HOA community, convenience store, or any other small business or private assets. The Observe & Report golden rule might not be the most appropriate response, for this reason, Officers shall learn When, and How to use and operate a less Lethal weapon when confronting a THREAT!. In MRTT LLC we Train and Certify our students in the use of Taser, BattonHandcuffs, Oleoresin capsicum (OC Spray) or (Pepper spray), and other physical, and environmental restrains when responding to a criminal, or medical scenario.

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