Frequently Asked Questions

The job of a Security Officer demands not only great responsibility but proper training and readiness. Gone are the days when a security officer’s only job was to seat at a guardhouse and waive. The private security industry has forever changed. Security Officers are now required to be not only mentally, but physically and tactically prepared to respond to a variety of possible criminal activities. Our students are trained to provide their communities and clients with the best service when conducting; Access Control, CCTV monitoring, Vehicle patrol, Evicting Trespassers, CPR & First Aid, communications, and more.
The State of Florida requires that any person considering certifying Him/Herself as a Security Officer in the State, to complete a total of 40 curriculum hours for a "D" Unarmed Security Officer License, and 28 curriculum/shooting hours for a "G" Armed Security Officer. We also provide separate training & certification for secondary weapons and restraining devices, such as OC Spray, Handcuffs, Batton, and more.
For your ‘G” License Qualification and Re-qualification exercises, it is essential that you are outfitted with the right equipment. This includes a proper (Right or Left hand) side holster for your firearm, a duty belt, magazine pouch, and an FDACS authorized firearm and caliber.
The Originating Agency Identifier or ORI number is provided by FDLE and it identifies the agency requesting the Criminal History Check and its purpose. The Controlling Agency Identifier or OCA is a number provided by DCF and it identifies the provider requesting the background check.
We serve all the Treasure Coast and nearby counties. We are conveniently located at 492 NW Concourse Place, Port St. Lucie Florida,34986. We also provide business and home visits, just give us a call and we will come to you. 561-633 8598. or e-mail us at
Yes, please give us a call prior to your visit and let us know what type of service you are looking for: Livescan Fingerprinting, CCW Concealed Weapon class, Security Licenses classes, or simple Notary services. And remember we are Glock Armorer Certified.
Livescan Fingerprinting $59.99. CCW Concealed Weapon class $59.99. Unarmed Security "D" License class $159.99. Armed Security "G" License class $399.99. Armed Security "G" License Re-qual $90.00. Taser & Batton Certification (Includes 1 Live Taser cartridge) $119.99. OC Spray Certification (Includes a 2 oz OC Spray can) $59.99. Handcuff Certification (Includes a pair of S&W Handcuffs) $59.99. Notary services $10.00

The 4 hrs. yearly re-qualification is a very important step to keep your “G” license valid.

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